These three sites offer comprehensive information on the book arts. They contain hundreds of links to other sites, as well as List Serves, galleries, exhibitions, reading lists, tutorials, and a free e-journal for the book arts. Updated Fall 2016

The Book Arts Web

Bonefolder: A free e-journal


These are some of the numerous workshops, college classes/programs in the book arts and online tutorials available.

Bay Area Book Artists Book Arts Jam (Annual Book Arts Fair)

The Book Arts Web: Tutorials

Book History Online

Bookmaking for Children and Adults

Carnegie Mellon Libraries: Artists' Books

Complete Guide to Art Schools

Conservation OnLine

EBSQ: Altered Book Tutorial

Eden Workshops Bookbinding Resources

Garage Annex School for Book Arts

Guide to Art Scholarships

Making Books and Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord Blog

Mills College: Book Arts

Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Palo Alto Art League

Paper & Book Intensive

Resources & Tools for Art Students

Timetable for Book Development

The San Francisco Center for the Book

University of Iowa Center for the Book

Writing and Design: A Guide to Calligraphy (Thanks Katelyn!)

Art Paper

Daniel Smith: Art Supplies

Hiromi Paper International, Inc.

Hollander's Decorative and Handmade Papers

John Neal: Books and Supplies

Mission Creek Press: Handmade Papers

Moab Paper Co: Digital Papers

Jerry's New York Central (formerly New York Central Art Supply)

Skycraft: Handmade Decorative Papers

European Papers

Somerset Studio (magazine)

Dieu Donne / Papermill

Gigabooks: Bookbinding Supplies

Shades of Paper: Digital Papers

Talas: Archival and Conservation Materials

This To That: Glues and Gluing

Twinrocker: Handmade Paper and Supplies

Volcano Arts

Walden's Paper Catalog

These sites offer a variety of resources related to the book arts. Some have online exhibitions.

Bay Area Book Artists

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild

Center for Book Arts: NY

The Codex Foundation

College Book Art Association

Guild of Book Workers

Hand Bookbinders of California

Hand Papermaking

Miniature Book Society

Pacific Center for the Book Arts

Rare Books and Manuscripts

San Francisco Center For Book Arts

Some members have both websites and blogs. In that case, the blog title is a separate link.

Cari Ferraro

Don Drake: Dreaming Mind

Dorit Elisha: Mixed Media Art

Elise Guidoux: Twokandoux

Ginger Burrell  |  Midnight Musings (blog)

Harlan Crowder

Jamila Rufaro

Jim Stewart: The Zymoglyphic Museum  |  Curator's Web Log

Joanne Koltnow: Looking at Light Through Flowers

Jody Alexander

Judith Hoffman: Metalwork, Artist's Books  |  blog

Karen Chew: Designs and Studio

Karen Koshgarian: Twokandoux

Kent Manske: PreNeo Press  |  Scope Creep (blog)

Kit Davey: Found Object Art

Kyoko Matsunaga

Lark Burkhart: Jumping Crow Studio

Linda Stinchfield: turtlesilk

Nanette Wylde: PreNeo Press  |  Hunger Button Books

Pati Bristow: Mailart- Shopping Trolley Gallery, West

Rae Trujillo: Raes of Sun - Impractical Visionary

Raven Erebus:  |  My Minnie Pearl Press (blog)

Servane Briand: take a stroll  |  blog

View rare books and manuscripts and modern versions of the book at these sites.

Highlights of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek

ABC 3-D Book

Artists' Books Online


British Library's Virtual Books Collection

Conceptually Bound Exhibitions

The Fiji Island Mermaid Press

Monique Lallier

Otis College Artists' Books

University of Delaware: Artists Books

World-wide Resources: Book Arts, Lettering Arts

What's a zine? Wikipedia defines them as "a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images."

broken pencil 'zine

Mail Art Calls: Artist Stamp News

The Zine & e-Zine Resource Guide

Zybooks: Artists Books Online

These sites are sources of images that are in the public domain or can be used with a Creative Commons license. Be sure to check each organization's copyright information. For example the Library of Congress will show only thumbnails of restricted images.

BibliOdyssey blog

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Flickr Commons

1000 Journals: Round Robin

Affordable Colleges Online: An In-depth Guide to Online Art Degree Programs

The Art Career Project: Find Information on Art Programs & Careers

A Beginner's Guide to Calligraphy: History, Lessons & More (Thanks to After Skool Art for the suggestion!)

Association for Visual Arts

Calligraphy: Writing Art for Greeting Cards, Letters, and More

Calligraphy: Pacific Scribes

The Complete Guide to Art Schools (Accredited Schools Online)

Smoking and Artistry (QuitDay)

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