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Upon graduation from San Jose State University in 1966, and completing a teacher's lifetime credential in 1976, Karen taught secondary art education for 32 years at Awalt and Mountain View High School, California. Always interested in the creative process, she practiced her teaching skills in jewelry fabrication and casting, ceramics, metal sculpture and assorted three dimensional art. As school budgets tightened, she taught printmaking, drawing, painting, and finally when the Macintosh was born in 1984, she had one of the first computer graphics art programs in California. Upon retiring in 1999, Karen continued her passion for learning by becoming a student of many new art processes including bookbinding, paper making, paper marbling, calligraphy and gilding. These new interests along with her love for photography has kept her creative expression flourishing.

Artist's Statement

My earliest recollection of careful observation was probably a cereal box at the breakfast table. I also loved looking at signage through the window from the back seat of the family car. The combination of image and letterforms has continued to fascinate me all my life. It was a natural evolution for me to eventually discover the bookmaking process, which has kept me very happily learning new techniques. Books involve everything I love: words, illustrations, paper, photographs, an interaction with the product, organization, and impeccable craftsmanship. It seems that everything I've learned up until now has been in the service of the book.



Contact Information
eMail: twokandoux@comcast.net
Website: www.twokandoux.com


Bay Area Book Artists; Pacific Scribes; Friends of Calligraphy; Arts and Crafts Coop, Inc. Berkeley; Pacific Center For The Book Arts


Really, does it matter? How about lots!

Teaching & Workshops

Currently teaching for Mountain View-Los Altos Adult Education. Available for private tutoring.

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