Don Drake


Artist's Statement

Creating containers that enhance the creative efforts of others is the primary focus of my work. Serving artists, authors, businesses and individuals; I take the broadest possible view of what constitutes 'creative effort'.

My focus on creative fulfillment through service drives three other aspects of my business.

I encourage people to visit my studio to see what is possible. I also encourage calls to discuss projects. My focus is on practical solutions to problems that are harmonious with your creative vision.

I also provide an informal environment for skills development and refinement by working with unpaid interns. Typically, interns work in the studio once a week for two to four months. These arrangements are flexible according to mutual agreement.

Finally, through formal workshops, I work to enhance the skill set of book artists. My workshops focus on developing basic skills and the understanding of materials, always striving to demystify processes. While my workshops use a project as a point of focus, my goal is to provide knowledge that can be translated to other designs and work.


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Phone: (510) 537-9711

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