Lark Burkhart


Artist's Statement

What I like about book arts: paper, color in any medium, the smell of ink, the shape of letters, gloss medium, amber varnish, wax . . . A reason to collect bones, bits of hardware, tiny boxes, broken watches, doll parts, dead insects, postcards, flags, junk mail . . . To work within the culture of books with the freedom to create new forms, and to say what I think using multiple voices.

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San Diego Book Arts
Pacific Center for the Book Arts
Bay Area Book Artists


Book Works 2008; Skylight Gallery, San Francisco Library; 2008
40th Annual Textile Exhibit; Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont; 2008
Conceptually Bound 3; Mohr Gallery, Mountain View; 2008
Conceptually Bound 3; California State University, Chico; 2007
Cutting Edge Books; California State East Bay; 2007
The Art of Book Arts; 1212 Gallery, Burlingame; 2006
Bound to Inspire; Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont; 2006
Stories, Stars & Structures; Foothill College, Book Arts Jam 2005


"There is no 'must' in art, because art is free." Wassily Kandinsky

" . . . art makes living worthwhile. It makes living, living. . . . It brings life to life."
John Sloan

"Good art keeps you warm." Andy Goldsworthy

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