Julia Bradshaw



Born in Manchester England, I spent nine years living and working in Munich, Germany prior to moving to northern California. These international moves and industry background are the fodder for my interest in language and cultural exchanges. I received my MFA in photography from San Jose State University in 2007. I am assistant professor of photography at CSU Fresno.

Artist's Statement

Increasingly interested in practices of art as a system of critique, I create artworks that slyly nudge our systems of power and production. My projects are a means to problem-solve or comment upon issues of the everyday; such as social interactions, being a foreigner, language or being an artist. Whether making observations about the art-institute, US/Mexico border policy or marketing language, I respond to each situation in a straightforward but self-deprecating manner. The humour is not deliberate, it is just there.



Contact Information
eMail: julia_bradshaw [at] hotmail.com
Website: www.juliabradshaw.com


College Arts Association, Society of Photographic Education


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Image from the 'As the Earth Turns' Project

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