Bernadette Castor



Book Artist Bernadette Castor lives in California and was a professional graphic designer for 34 years. She has a BFA in graphic design from Iowa State University, College of Design. Looking for a more tactile involvement in art making, she begin studying the book arts at the San Francisco Center for the Book in 1999. Between 2005 and 2008 she made a transition from a successful career in design to book artist.

Artist's Statement

“I extend traditional book binding methods into experimental book forms, by repurposing images, found objects, and family memorabilia, into sculptural books. My work is influenced by the work of assemblage artists such as Joseph Cornell. I am currently creating books that explore identity through science and nature; reinvented family and personal histories; and social-political ideologies.”

Contact Information
Phone: 650-799-7476


BABA,Bay Area Book Artist AIGA


‘In and Out of Sculptural Book’ The Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Press, Ithaca New York Oct 3-Oct 31, 2014 ‘Art of the Book, 2007’ San Francisco Center For The Book May 25-July 27, 2007 The Book as Wall Art, North Point Print shop/Howard Munson curator San Francisco, CA

Saving the California Condor

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