Pat Smith


Artist's Statement

Through books I represent the passions, dreams, dwellings and costumes of people as each reveals the uniqueness of the life they’ve created. Like the surface qualities of their lives, the tactile surface of the page is complementary and so much more expressive than merely the marks made upon it and the images adhered to it.

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Bay Area Book Artists
Campbell Artists' Guild


Conversations; Martin Luther King Library, San Jose, 2009
Sewn-Pages, Woven-Thougts; Communknity, San Jose, 2008

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Teaching & Workshops

Bookbinding: The Ancient Art of Making Books by Hand (5- to 8-week course) Bookbinding: More Handmade Books (5- to 8-week course) Paste Paper and More: Turning Paper into Art (one-day workshop)

Hidden Ancestors

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